Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Ease Your Leg Pain – Schedule Your Initial Consultation in the Great Lakes Bay Area

Whether you suffer from large varicose veins, leg pain, spider veins or even recurrent varicosities after previous vein surgery, treatment can only be successful if the underlying source of the problem is identified and eliminated. Identifying that source is the primary goal in the initial evaluation at our location.

A patient’s questionnaire is provided, which allows us to identify any predisposing factors in your medical history or background that may have influenced the development of your vein problem and which could impact on treatment recommendations.
Color duplex ultrasound examination visualizes the deep and superficial veins in your leg. As the study progresses, the examiner, when possible, will explain his/her findings and point out any abnormalities as they are encountered. In this way, you may be able to see the exact nature of your problem and have a better understanding of the rationale if treatment is recommended. 

By approaching the evaluation in this way, you become an active participant in the decision making of how best to treat your particular problem. You may have undergone ultrasounds in the past, but you will find this a unique and hopefully a satisfying experience.

The final step in the examination is digital photography. These photos are strictly confidential and remain part of your medical record. They are excellent tools for both you and your physician to monitor the progress of your treatment. Nothing is more enjoyable than to look back on those original pictures and take pleasure in how your legs have changed!

After the Exam

Once your exam is complete, we will discuss the findings of your exam and the treatment recommendations. Your options will be discussed in detail, and you will be given plenty of opportunity to voice any questions or concerns.
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